Fish Project

Joyce had been selling chicken but suddenly all her chicken suffered a disease and died. She had to start all over again and decided to start in the fish business. On her land she dug out a fishpond and she even had to buy water to start her business. She bought small fish and placed them in her new fishpond. VICOBA loans helped her to make these high investments. Now the fish is grown and she can sell it to generate income for her family.

Goat Milk Project

In the rural area of Moshi Safira is keeping goats and sells goat milk. She owns eight goats and also raises young goats. This enables her to take care of her family with two children.

Brick Project

Tarsila has started a business making bricks. From the soil she forms the bricks that are air-dried for a couple of days and then stacked up for baking. In a three day process the bricks are baked to make them hard and long-lasting.