Nganjoni Clinic

Malnutrition, high morbidity and mortality are characteristic problems in Nganjoni village, especially for babies being delivered at home without trained nurses and doctors. WEECE recognized the problem and – in 2008 – initiated the Nganjoni Clinic project to provide healthcare in Nganjoni village and the surrounding region.

In June 2009, with help from inhabitants of Nganjoni, WEECE began with the construction of the Nganjoni Clinic. At Nganjoni Clinic trained medical staff helps people who used to travel long distances to seek medical treatment. The clinic has brought happiness and pride to the village. Medical services like mother-child-care and blood pressure examinations are available. WEECE has also helped the clinic to install a solar power system and brought safe water to the Nganjoni community.

Tanzania government has greatly supported the establishment of Nganjoni Clinic by supplying two nurses / midwives, providing financial help to pay the salaries of two nurses and a doctor, and equipping the clinic with basic medical appliances.

WEECE is helping Nganjoni Clinic to prepare seminars and counseling service on preventive healthcare and public health issues including HIV, especially for young people. We firmly believe that educating people on health issues will control diseases prevalent in rural areas.