Daycare 2

Maria Anna Gerda Day Care Center

In 2016, WEECE opened the Maria Anna Gerda Day Care Center providing day care for children from two to four years. They stay at the center from 8:00 am until 04:00 pm and are taught in small groups. This gives parents – especially also some of our VICOBA women – the opportunity to work knowing that their child is taken care of.

Nganjoni Primary School

With the help from Tanzania government, the classrooms of Nganjoni Primary School were renovated in 2008. However, as there was no kitchen or dining room available students could not have lunch at school. This war particularly problematic on rainy days. WEECE raised the necessary funds to build a kitchen and a dining room which were completed in 2010. But the Nganjoni Primary School project is not yet finished. We are planning to renovate the staff room to accommodate teachers who are travelling about six kilometers to school. The staff room will help the teachers to establish a close relationship to the students and their parents.

Soko Primary School

WEECE was also able to fulfill the needs at Soko Primary School: a school kitchen was built, toilets for the students and a water well with a pump. It is very rewarding for WEECE to be a part in this development and to make the students smile. With the new water well and the kitchen, safe water and food can be provided at Soko Primary School.