Tanzania is blessed with a lot of, beautiful natural attractions from the mighty Kilimanjaro Mountain high as the sky, to the beautiful national parks like Serengeti, reserves like the wonder of the world Ngorongoro crater to the sandy beaches of Zanzibar. As a person traveling to Tanzania, I know you know and also curiosity to go to these places you have read about.

Lucky for you Moshi is the gateway to all the major national parks in Tanzania, to the climb of Kilimanjaro Mountain. All this is a total assurance that your stay in Moshi will be adventurous.


After a long week of volunteerism, the Weekend is here!! What Will We Do??
The answer is simple Moshi has a lot of beautiful near-town places that can be visited. And with help from our staff, we can help organize those trips for you in a group with a registered tour guiding operator at an affordable price. Day trips activities and other attractions trips are:
– Day hike at Mount Kilimanjaro
– Hot spring visits (Chemka Hot Spring)
– Take a Coffee Making Tour
– Journey to the Waterfalls
– A Trip to Arusha Town
– Maasai Villages


This is the most popular aim of coming to Tanzania getting to see all that you have seen in Lion king, Happening in real life from the tree climbing lions of Manyara to the wild beast’s migration of Serengeti. The Ngorongoro national reserve crater where Maasai people are leaving with all the wild animals as a happy community.

By staying with us we will be helping in finding for you the best guide with experience to give you memories of a lifetime, with discounts on prices if you notify us early so that we can also arrange groups safaris to reduce the expenses.