Word of the Director

WEECE has provided the community with leadership and initiatives to tackle some of the most pressing issues affecting women and their families in the Kilimanjaro area. 

Every December WEECE brings joy and enthusiasm to myself and our members when we review all the accomplishments that we have achieved and look forward to new challenges ahead.

Many things have changed in this region over the last 19 years, but one thing remains the same: WEECE is still a grass-root Organization. WEECE serves both the urban and the rural population with the goal of helping them to satisfy their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, education and health care. We had noticed that the remote rural areas had been greatly neglected. Therefore, we launched a pilot project in the Nganjoni village to offer support through developing education, community-owned business and VICOBA. Today I am proud to announce that the project has been a success. In the meantime we have launched similar projects in six other villages.  

WEECE has been expanding its efforts to achieve gender equality. We understand that to achieve gender equality we need cooperation and understanding from both – men and women. Therefore, we also encourage men to attend our seminars which include also topics such as why women’s empowerment is important to the whole family and how men can play an essential role. We understand that if we truly want to change the culture we must begin by teaching our children at a very young age about discrimination of women and about how we can build a community with gender equality. WEECE has initiated seminars in schools with boys and girls to discuss these issues.

WEECE has also made extra efforts to educate the community on issues related to the disabled. Due to a lack of education and understanding, families and communities tend to neglect and poorly treat disabled members of the community. We are hoping that through education we can enhance understanding that any disabilities are not the fault of the individual and that they deserve the same attention and care as healthy people.

My vision is that I want people to live in the world of God in harmony, enjoying whatever God has created us to be, without having the feeling of being less fortunate. This means that all people have the right to express his or her feelings and religious believes, to have access to education, equal opportunity of life and employment as well as to be entitled with the power of decision making and participation in developmental planning.

I would like to invite people who are interested in working with us to support us.

The devotion of your time is priceless. I would like to thank everyone who has supported WEECE in various ways over the 19 wonderful years. I am making a special request to all friends of WEECE to continue your support through service, advice, and donation and to help us strengthen our WEECE community.

Yours sincerely,  
Valeria Dominic Mrema